Catalogue of works

Khamma     132/(125)

Légende dansée, William Leonard Courtney and Maud Allan

Composition dates:
1911-1912. Orchestration in collaboration with Charles Kœchlin

Piano reduction by the composer, Durand, September 1912

Nomenclature: — — timp. - 2 perc. - cél. - piano - 2 harps — strings

First hearing:
Paris, 15 November 1924, Concerts Colonne, under the direction of Gabriel Pierné
Paris, Opera-Comique, 26 March 1947, choreography J.-J. Etcheverry, under the direction of Gustave Cloez

commissioned by the Canadian dancer Maud Allan. A number of difficulties arose between Debussy and Maud Allan, and Durand asked Charles Kœchlin to complete the orchestration. The first performance of Khamma did not take place until after the death of Debussy.