Catalogue of works

Jeux     133/(126)

Ballet in 1 act, poème dansé by Nijinsky

Composition dates:
August 1912 - End April 1913

Madame Jacques Durand

Piano redution, Durand, April 1913; orchestra, pocket edition, Durand, December 1913; orchestra, May 1914; 1988, Édition critique des œuvres complètes, V/8

Nomenclature: — — timp. - 3 perc. - cél. - 2 harps — strings

First hearing:
Paris, 15 May 1913, first performance at Théâtre des Champs-Élysées, by Serge de Diaghilev's Ballets Russes, under the direction of Pierre Monteux, scenery and costumes by Léon Bakst; Vaslav Nijinsky (young man), Tamara Karsavina (first young lady), Ludmilla Schollar (second young lady)
Paris, 1st March 1914, Concerts Colonne, under the direction of Gabriel Pierné

Diaghilev asked Debussy to make the end of Jeux "a little longer". Debussy completed the piano reduction on 12 September 1912, and wrote the orchestration in April 1913.