Catalogue of works

Printemps     68/(61)

Symphonic suite for orchestra, piano and chorus

Composition date:
Rome, February 1887

Auguste Durand

1st version, reduction for piano four hands, La Revue musicale, February-March 1904; Durand, 1904.
2nd version, orchestration by Henri Busser, Durand, 1913; piano four hands, Durand 1912; Durand, 2002, Édition critique des oeuvres complètes, I/7

Nomenclature: — — timp. - 2 perc. - pno 4-m. - harp — strings

First hearing:
2nd version, Société nationale de musique, Salle Gaveau, 18 April 1913, under the direction of Rhené-Bâton; then 7 December 1913, Concerts Lamoureux, under the direction of Camille Chevillard

Inspired by the painting of his friend, Marcel Baschet, the work was Debussy's second Envoi de Rome. In the early months of 1912, Henri Busser re-orchestrated the work under the composer's supervision.