Regards sur Debussy

Under the direction of
Myriam Chimènes and Alexandra Laederich
Preface by Pierre Boulez

A major figure in the history of French music at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Claude Debussy (1862-1918), who rose to the statuts of world-renowned composer in his lifetime, was seen after World War II as a main initiator of the avant-garde. "I’m working on things that will be understood only by the grandchildren of the twentieth century," he wrote in 1895: the prophecy of this innovative musician is thus achieved.

For the 150th anniversary of his birth, an international symposium was organised in 2012 with the participation of forty specialists, ranging from doctoral students to established scholars. By considering new issues, topics and questions through an interdisciplinary perspectives, the contributors to this collection provide considerable enrichments to current knowledge about the composer and his work. From the study of the figure of the artist in his or her political, social and literary dimensions, to the study of the reception, the posterity and the impact of his music, through the consideration of his creative process, close analysis of his works, and the interpretation of his own recordings as a pianist, the present volume is a significant contribution to the field of Debussy studies, offering a broad overview of current research topics and offering new perspectives.

Couverture Regards sur Debussy
Fayard editions
In bookstores May 15, 2013