Facsimiles Collection of
Claude Debussy’s Work

In order to strengthen its editorial policy, the Centre de documentation Claude Debussy has decided to present Debussys autograph manuscripts to the public by publishing facsimiles of his works. This new collection takes particular care to respect the original size, the colours of the inks or pencils used, as well as of the quality of the paper of the documents reproduced. The realization of facsimiles of very good quality, as closed as to the original as possible, is rare in the music publishing market.

Such publications are appreciated by performers, first among them Pierre Boulez, who has agreed to write a general introduction for the collection. Debussys manuscripts are scattered all over the world, in private and public collections. Foremost among these is the French National Library.

To inaugurate this collection, the choice of Images pour piano 1re et 2e séries, the manuscripts of which belong to the Music Department of the French National Library, is justified by the decision to present, in connection with the facsimiles, historic recordings of Debussys works which are in the Audiovisual Department of the Library. A compact disc of these Images pour piano 1re et 2e séries recorded on 78rpm and offering several notable performances of the a same work, will be the first disc in a new collection of historical recordings.